Upper Division Academics

Curriculum, Daily Schedule, & Expectations


Our diploma requirements ensure that students graduate with superb training in the full range of academic and intellectual skills; a strong command of advanced content across all departments; a clear understanding of how to practice scholarly integrity; and the confidence, curiosity, and experience they need to take even greater responsibility for their program of study once in college.

Daily Schedule

The upper division’s 8-day block schedule reflects our values: it has been carefully designed to afford students and their teachers deep and patient engagement with worthy challenges while also delivering them to calmly paced days. Each class meets for 70 minutes every other day; each academic block yields to sessions reserved for community time, lunch, and extra help from teachers and other staff.

Student Handbook

Our student handbook, The Navigator, explains the values, expectations, and shared agreements by which we live in community, and delineates our community’s rules, policies, practices, and resources. It helps students learn how to live safely, productively, and peacefully within our community, inspired by our ideals.

The Role of the Faculty Advisor

Every new student is assigned a faculty advisor who attends to that student’s academic and personal progress. The faculty advisor is generally the primary link between the School and the advisee’s parents/guardians. Parents/guardians with questions about their child’s experience often call the faculty advisor first, and the faculty advisor shares progress reports with parents/guardians at regular intervals and as needed. Faculty advisors schedule individual and group meetings with their advisees, and follow a shared community education calendar that addresses students’ seasonal and developmental needs.

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