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Our learning resource coordinator can provide families with referrals for students’ educational and neuropsychological evaluations, as well as for their speech and occupational therapy needs. Those evaluations allow us to create accessibility plans that specify and assign responsibility for classroom accommodations and any assistive technologies that these students may require. In distributing and explaining these plans to the student’s classroom teachers (and for students in the middle division, their advisor), the learning resource coordinator provides guidance, advice, strategies, and supplementary tools—like visual supports and social stories—and works in close partnership with our speech and occupational therapists to provide classroom support.

Programs & Individuated Support

In the lower division, the learning resource coordinator visits classrooms regularly to provide remediative support to individuals and small groups of students. In the middle division, the learning resource coordinator helps teachers develop, organize, and apply resources that support recommended accommodations, including executive functioning tools, and ensures that teachers observe qualifying students’ test accommodations. The learning resource coordinator also works with classes throughout the middle division on test taking strategies and tools.

Professional Development

All classroom teachers receive regular training in a variety of related practices, such as the Orton-Gillingham method, a multisensory and social approach to teaching literacy skills based on a comprehensive body of research that has revealed how we learn to read.

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Lower and Middle Division Learning Resource Coordinator

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