College Center

What sets us apart?

We believe the best search process is both empowering and rigorous. We begin by helping you to reflect substantively on your personal and academic journey, so that your applications will benefit from authentic self-knowledge. We also help you see through the noise created by bogus rankings and other sources of misinformation, so your college list grows from a fact-based understanding of your options, from “likelies” to “reaches.”

  • Picture regular one-on-one meetings with your counselor to sort through revisions to your college essays.
  • Imagine small group workshops facilitated by teachers and coaches you already know and whose advice you can trust.
  • Sign up for optional trips to popular regions like Southern California and the East Coast.
  • Meet with any one of almost 100 college representatives who visit our College Center over the year.
  • Participate in exclusive webinars for you and your parents/guardians with deans of admissions at top colleges and universities.
  • Look forward to earning a hard choice among a range of equally appealing options, informed by a clear-eyed sense of everything from programs and price to size, location, and campus culture.

Additional Programming

The College Center provides students and families with support in the following additional areas as they relate to the college search process:

  • Financial Aid
  • Athletics Recruitment
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Class meetings
  • Test Prep
  • College Tours
  • College visits (85+ annually)
  • One-on-one guidance

College Profile