Distinctive for its balance of tradition and innovation,
Stevenson is an original home of the growth mindset.

Our teachers are experts at meeting students where they are. They know how people really learn. Warm and patient, they provide constructive and empowering feedback and inspire curiosity and hard work. Our students are appropriately challenged and supported at every stage of their development and at every level of mastery.

They know that their presence each day really matters and their contributions in class are truly valued. By the time our students leave us for the next chapter in their lives, they can:

  • Listen and hear.
  • Read and understand.
  • Talk with anyone.
  • Work well with others.
  • Make good use of constructive feedback.
  • Write clearly, persuasively, movingly, and accurately.
  • Research and solve a wide variety of puzzles and problems.
  • Make creative, authentic connections among facts, concepts, and ideas.
  • Practice discipline and organization as tools in the search for truth.
  • Get things done in the world beyond school.

Mrs. Molly K. Bozzo

Interim Head of the Middle Division

Though the past eighteen months have challenged the world, Stevenson’s spirit and achievements have provided daily inspiration and a beacon of hope for the future, and we are emerging from the pandemic’s shadow as an even stronger, wiser, and more unified learning community.

Mrs. Aimée Bates

Head of the Upper Division

What truly matters in a student’s high school experience? This question was brought into sharp focus by our experiences during the recent global pandemic, which served to reinforce what we already knew: students thrive when their classes feed their intrinsic curiosity, when they work alongside similarly-committed peers, with highly skilled and dedicated teachers alongside them.

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