Tuition & Financial Aid

A Stevenson education is more within reach than you might guess.

$7.6 million

committed to support our students in financial aid for the current academic year


of grants are based on financial need


of the student body (PK–12) received need-based financial aid for the current academic year

Financial Aid Process

Beginning with the 2024-25 school year, all financial aid applications for both new and returning families will be submitted to Clarity Tuition. Stevenson will no longer be using the SSS Financial Aid platform.

Stevenson’s financial aid application deadlines are as follows:

  • Returning families is January 1, 2024
  • New families is February 1, 2024

The application typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

The financial aid application fee is $60. You may request a fee waiver from Clarity as part of the application process. If you need assistance during the process of completing your application, there is in-app support available, as well as email and phone support in both English and Spanish.

Important Points About Financial Aid

  1. The School does not offer scholarships based on particular talents or attributes. Financial aid is for families who have a demonstrated need for financial assistance.
  2. If a family believes they will need financial aid at any point during a child’s time at Stevenson, they must apply for aid at the outset. Families will not be considered for aid if it is not requested during the admission application process.
  3. If a family’s financial circumstances change significantly, the School will make every effort to provide assistance. Generally, if you do not receive financial aid upon enrollment, you will be expected to remain a full-pay family during the child’s Stevenson experience.

If you have questions about financial aid or the application process, contact Director of Financial Aid Matt Sclafani.

Tuition Costs

2024–25 School Year

Grades 9–12 (Resident) $77,900
Grades 9–12 (Day) $50,500
Kindergarten–Grade 8 $32,800
Pre-Kindergarten $20,500

In order to accommodate families, we have 4 different options for paying tuition each school year.

Single Payment due July 15
Two Payments* due June and November
Four Payments* due May, August, November and February (plus $50 payment plan fee)
Monthly Payments* over 10 months May through February (plus $50 payment plan fee)
*Families electing payment plans are required to sign up for Tuition Refund Insurance.
Grades 9–12 (Resident) $74,900
Grades 9–12 (Day) $48,100
Kindergarten–Grade 8 $31,300
Pre-Kindergarten $19,500

Estimated Expenses

Upper Division

The Comprehensive Fee includes:

All students:

  • Tuition
  • Science Laboratory Fees
  • Art and Ceramics Fees
  • Gym Services
  • Field Trip Transportation
  • Graduation
  • Pirate Parent Club
  • Student Activities
    – Weekend shuttle service to local areas and shopping
    – Admission to all home athletic contests
    – Student council activities
    – Weekend activities organized by resident faculty
    – Student publications including the newspaper (Tusitala), the literary magazine (Vailima), and copy of the annual full-color yearbook, Spyglass
  • Student Accident Insurance ($100 deductible, subject to certain policy limitations)

Day students only:

  • Lunch

Resident students only:

  • Room and Board
Required and optional expenses not covered by the Comprehensive Fee are listed below.

All Students:

  • Books and School Supplies
    $400-$800 (required)
  • Laptop Computer
  • Student Health Insurance
  • Tuition Refund Insurance*
  • Supplies and Snacks (amount varies—optional)
    – Athletic Uniforms (select sports)
    – Campus Store Purchases
    – Snack Bar
    – Class Clothing
    Professional Instruction (amount varies—optional by arrangement)
    – Driver’s education
    – Golf at Spyglass Hill
    – Tennis at Pebble Beach Tennis Club
    – Riding at Pebble Beach Equestrian Center
    – Rock Climbing
    – Music Lessons

Resident Students only:

  • Transportation to airport for vacations and school breaks

Day Students only:

  • Bus Transportation

*Tuition Refund Insurance is required if a payment plan is requested and approved by the Business Office.

Lower & Middle Division

The Comprehensive Fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Lunch
  • Technology
  • Morning Drop-Off (as early as 7:30 a.m.)
  • After-School Co-curricular Program (until 5:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Fridays): this faculty-led After-School Program for both Lower Division and Middle Division students offers dozens of workshops and activities, as well as faculty-supervised study time and office hours.
  • After-School Sports (middle division)
  • Textbooks and classroom supplies
  • Art room fees
  • Field trip transportation fees
  • Science Camp (grades 5–8)
  • Student publications, including a full-color yearbook
  • Student Accident Insurance ($100 deductible)

Required and optional expenses not covered by the Comprehensive Fee are listed below.

All Students:

*Tuition Refund Insurance is required if a payment plan is requested and approved by the Business Office.

Named Grants & Endowed Funds

When families apply for financial aid they are also being considered for the following annual grants and endowed funding.

  • William McCaskey Chapman and Adaline Dinsmore Chapman Foundation
    Established 2001 to support students from the Monterey Peninsula.
  • Pebble Beach Company Foundation
    Established 1983 to support students from the Monterey Peninsula.
  • The Balestreri Family Scholarship Fund
    Established 1998 by the Ted Balestreri family for deserving students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Stevenson School.
  • The Patsy and Bill Brandt Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Established 2001 by Andrew Dunigan ’83 for the benefit of qualified students in need of financial assistance and to honor the Brandt family.
  • The Gage Rankin French Memorial Scholar
    Established 1990 by family and friends in memory of Gage French ’88 to give a deserving student the chance to experience the Stevenson community that meant so much to Gage.
  • The Hotchkis Scholarship Fund
    Established 2001 by former parent and longtime trustee John Hotchkis through the Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation to make a Stevenson education possible for deserving students with financial need.
  • The Jackson-Akiyama Fund
    Established 1999 by trustee Michael Jackson ’68 and his wife, the Rev. Diana Akiyama, to provide financial aid for deserving Stevenson students.
  • The Perocchi Family Scholarship
    Established 2001 to benefit a qualified student affiliated with the Boys & Girls Club of Monterey County.
  • The Merritt-Haynes Grant for Student Achievers
    Established 1999 by the Merritt and Haynes families to fund students whose hard work allows them to take advantage of the many opportunities at Stevenson.
  • The Admiral Pullen Scholarship Fund
    Established in 1990 in remembrance of longtime dedicated teacher Admiral Harold Pullen to support students needing financial assistance.
  • The Ricklefs Scholarship Fund
    Established 1982 by a group of dedicated alumni in memory of founding headmaster, Robert U. Ricklefs, to support students needing financial aid.
  • The Coach Wilson Scholarship Fund
    Established 1993 by Coach’s family as a tribute to his life and many years of service to Stevenson. The fund, which was made possible by matching grants from the William McCaskey Chapman and Adaline Dinsmore Chapman Foundation, supports students who are residents of the Monterey Peninsula.
  • The Colburn Family Scholarship Fund
    Established 2006 by David Colburn ’76, to support a boarding student whose family proves financial need.
  • The Hopkins Scholarship Endowment
    Established in 2004 by Bryant Riley ’85 in memory of his friend and classmate Charles Stanford “Chuck” Hopkins, to support Stevenson’s commitment to diversity and to perpetuate at the school the life of giving that Chuck clearly established for himself before his untimely death in 1986.
  • The Glen and Lavina Stinson Scholarship Fund
    Established 2000 by Glen and Lavina Stinson to give deserving students the opportunity of a Stevenson education.
  • The David M. Hulme Scholarship Endowment
    Established 2009 by Samuel T. Reeves in honor of his grandson, David Hulme ’09.
  • The Nathan Krissoff Endowment
    Established 2007 by family and friends to perpetuate the name and memory at Stevenson of Nathan Krissoff ’99, who was killed in action in Iraq on December 9, 2006, in service to his country. The named scholar is a rising senior.
  • The Class Memorial Fund
    Established 2009 by Allen Burnham ’66 in honor of Peter Gallo ’64 and by Todd Vaccaro ’93 in memory of Kawika Chetron ’93, Jennifer Guy ’93, Hydeus Kiatta ’93, and Amy Yoshioka ’93 to support student financial aid.
  • The Señora Maria Vargas Scholarship Fund
    Established 2007 in honor of Señora Vargas’s 45 years of teaching Spanish at Stevenson.
  • The Alumni Council Fund
    Established 2006 by Alumni Association leaders Jim Flagg ’74, Steve Zahm ’82, and Cynthia Chapman ’83 to support student financial aid.
  • The Frank Keith Endowed Scholar
    Established 2008 by the Dinkelspiel Family (Scott ’77 and Ross ’83) to honor Frank B. Keith for his 50 years of service to Stevenson School and, in Mr. Keith’s words, “to make sure that every qualified kid who wants to go to Stevenson can.”
  • The Caddell & Chapman Scholarship Fund
    Established 2012 by parent and trustee Cynthia Chapman ’83 and her husband Michael Caddell to provide need-based financial aid for grade 9-12 students at Stevenson, this scholarship fund recognizes the important role that financial aid played in Ms. Chapman’s own experience as a student at Stevenson.
  • The Roger W. Stephens Scholarship Fund
    Established 2012 by trustee Roger W. Stephens ’77 to support recognition and financial assistance to deserving students enrolled at Stevenson’s Pebble Campus who have demonstrated need for funds to meet their necessary financial expenses.
  • The TJ Day Scholarship
    Established 2014 by a bequest from Theodore James (T. J.) Day, Stevenson alumnus ’66, former Stevenson trustee and member of the Keck-Day family, longtime benefactors of the Stevenson School.
  • The Read Family Scholarship
    Established 2015 to provide tuition assistance assistance to an outstanding local student who could not otherwise attend Stevenson.
  • The Robert Aughtry Scholarship
    Established 2015 by members of the Class of 1964 to honor retired teacher Robert Aughtry who had a lasting impact on their lives and to “pay it forward” to deserving students hoping to attend Stevenson.
  • The Henry Fairbanks Scholarship Fund
    Established in 2015 by longtime Stevenson teacher of Mathematics Henry Fairbanks to provide tuition assistance to a day student at the Pebble Beach Campus.

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