After-School Program

The After-School Program—included in each student’s tuition—provides structured, fun opportunities to gain new skills and pursue interests in the arts, STEM, and fitness.

Students develop teamwork, cooperation, coordination, and cognitive skills within a workshop setting, while enjoying the company of friends and teachers. Workshops, led by lower and middle division faculty, are targeted to specific age groups and change every trimester

Lower Division Workshops

The following after school programs have previously been offered. Term-specific offerings are released to enrolled families once student and teacher preferences have been collected and organized.

Hands on STEM+Art activities designed for young learners (Grades K-2)

In this workshop, students will learn a script, make props, and perform from various popular stories.

Students will find themselves immersed in the world of melty beads. The only limit to their creativity will be their imaginations.

Calling all nature ninjas, wolf girls, wilderness warriors, and bird nerds! Get ready to get down and dirty by joining us, turning over rocks and logs, honing your wilderness awareness skills, finding nature treasure to investigate, and becoming a Nature Scientist.

Exploring outside we will be connecting our science discoveries with ourselves, others, and the earth. You will play nature games like camouflage tag, and firekeeper. We will become wild animals adapting to nature to survive. We will practice thinking like a scientist, tracking wild animals, learning how to make animal homes, earth art and so much more.

Students will learn how focus can guide them to be more mindful in the world of art. This workshop will focus on drawing, illustrating, painting and doodling for the fall semester.

Dance Company is for grades 4-8. Company will be held on Monday and Wednesday. It is usually a year-round program offering developing techniques in styles of hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, and ballet. Community performance opportunities and dance competition.
Students will learn the basics of stitching and sewing. This workshop will include embroidery, hand-sewing, crocheting, finger knitting, patching and upcycling old well-loved clothing, fun with cloth and needlework. (Grade 2-4)
Students will enjoy storytime with an accompanying craft. (Grades K-2)

Students will be introduced to the basics of photography through a series of exercises. Join Mr. Sosky to become more mindful in learning to see the world around us through photography.

This workshop will be full of fun, creative, and wacky works of art. We will explore many hands-on projects; utilizing many forms of art supplies to create fun masterpieces to bring home. Imagination will be the only limit to what we can create in this workshop!

This workshop is great for students who love listening to music, playing music, or just love everything about music. Students will have a great time learning about different kinds of music and become more mindful and appreciative of the tremendous gift it offers.

Outdoor games will be an opportunity for students to enjoy having fun outdoors by playing tag, running games, and ball games such as soccer, flag football, or dodgeball, etc.

In this workshop, students will explore a variety of mediums, crafts and projects, as well as “free creation.” (Grades 2-4)

Students will learn how to play chess starting with the basics and moving towards independent matches.
(Grades 2-4)

This workshop will give those Lego-maniacs the brick-tastic fun they crave! Whether learning some mindfulness strategies involving Lego play or crafting some fun builds centered around various themes, this workshop will stretch the imagination of all our builders out there.

In this workshop, students will combine crafting and a love for music. With a chance to craft their own musical instruments, they will be jamming out as they learn more about what music has to offer. (Grades K-2)

Zentangle coloring, board games, card games, free reading (or read alouds), friendship bracelets, creative writing, etc.

Each week we will spend time outdoors where we will explore journaling, drawing, and beginning to learn the basics of meditation. (Grades: 2-4)

Students will learn about the life cycle of plants and discover what all plants need to survive. (Grades K-2)

Any Disney-fanatics out there? Students will dive into the world of Disney, in this workshop, and put their creative noggins to use. Students will create Disney inspired art, stories, and creations that only their imaginations will limit. It will truly be a magical experience!

This workshop for Grades K-1 will help students explore some fun aspects of our ocean, especially about our small local part of the ocean, and help them be mindful of its wonder in the process.

In this workshop, students will learn the ins and outs of storytelling. With references to popular works of art, students will be able to create their own fairytales.

Middle Division Workshops

The following after school programs have previously been offered. Term-specific offerings are released to enrolled families once student and teacher preferences have been collected and organized.

Students will engage in reading a variety of Young Adult novels.

Students will learn to play a variety of card games as well as learn a few fun tricks.

Students will be involved in a variety of engaging activities, relaxation, reading, art activities and more.

Archery keys to success are learned before students even pick up a bow. This starts with important safety rules, verbal commands, and archery vocabulary. Archers learn and practice proper stance and shooting form using cord and bands. Archers practice biomechanically efficient shooting techniques that are documented to minimize injury and maximize skeletal forces and performance. After showing competency and reliability in these, archers are allowed to practice with bow and arrow.

Archers engage in range etiquette, properly removing arrows from the target, and set-up/take-down of all equipment. Archers hone their skills on World Archery (formerly FITA) style target rounds with standard World scoring at beginning junior outdoor distances of 10 to 15 meters and ends of three arrows. Archers work as a team to shoot, support each other with observation and constructive critique, and regularly cheer each other on. While conventions may vary from range to range, all archers leave equipped for continued play or competitive sport in archery.

Access and hike locally with focus on the outdoors and the environment. Learn about some of our local ecosystems and the animals and plants that inhabit them.

Students will be introduced to basic woodworking skills throughout the semester. They will learn how to use hand tools and power tools while creating fun projects like cutting boards, birdhouses, and other creative possibilities.

Through relevant, fun, and creative environments, students will gain and practice the skills that will help develop them as leaders in their community.

Middle Division Athletics

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Flag Football
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Flag Football
  • Track
  • Tennis
  • Golf

After-School Crew’s Guide to Indoor Fun

Welcome to the after-school crew’s Guide to Indoor Fun. This page will be updated frequently with new links and project ideas to keep our young minds stimulated and engaged. Should you have a link you would like to suggest be added, please email, and it will be considered for sharing. Keep innovating, Pirates!

PBS Kids Daily
This is a fantastic place to find all kinds of resources for children ages 2–8. You can look for activities, articles, apps, etc. It’s a “one-stop shop” for a lot of resources.

Teachers Pay Teachers
This website offers resources for everyone—teachers and parents alike. The account is free to set up and most projects/worksheets, consisting of downloadable pdfs and instructions, are very low cost.

15 Safe, Fun, Educational Websites for Children and Teens 

The Importance of Free Play for Kids

Home From School Podcast
In this daily podcast, a Bay Area family with school age children reviews different activities you can do with your kids.

School’s Out and Podcast’s Are In (And Many other Educational Resources)

21 Apps that Teach Kids Real-Life Skills

28 Ways to Ask Your Teens ‘How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘How Was School Today?’
If you need some conversation-starting questions when talking with your tween or young teen, take a look at this list for ideas to start of end your day.

25 Ways to Ask Your Kids ‘So How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘So How Was School Today?’
This list of conversation starters for asking your child how school was that can be adapted in different ways and can be used for students of all ages. 

50 Questions to Ask Your Kids Instead Of Asking “How Was Your Day” 
Another list of conversation starters about how school went, but can be adapted in different ways. This list is also for children of different ages. 

30 Fun, Quirky, and Smart Questions to Ask Your Kids After School 
This website has some good material including this list of conversation starters for parents and their children.

Daily Gratitude Routine
This is a great place for gratitude training. In after-school time, we have Toolbox Tuesdays to talk about different values and principles that help us with our teaching.

5 Tips for Cultivating Empathy
This article highlights empathy and how to cultivate it in your family.

Teaching Empathy: Evidence-Based Tips
Another article providing tips for cultivating empathy in your household. social-emotional learning.

13 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child – Online and Off
This article shares a slideshow that provides tips and stories for cultivating compassion in your children.

National Day Calendar
National Day Calendar® is the authoritative source for fun, unusual, and unique National Days

Holiday Insights

A website listing unique and obscure holidays and celebrations.

Me and My Inklings
This site offers an assortment of color printables being provided free of cost due to the current COVID-19 situation. They are for personal use only.

How to Fold Paper Ninja Stars 
Learn how to fold Ninja stars! The difficulty level is quite hard, and it uses two pieces of paper. Mix and match colors and add designs with a sharpie!

How to Make a T-shirt Yarn Crochet Easter Basket

17 DIY Lucky Rainbow Crafts You’ll Love 

Make and Takes | Creative Inspiration for Maker Mamas 
This is a fun website to explore for the family. There are recipes, crafts, and other projects for kids to try on their own as well as for families to do together.

20 Virtual Trips to Take with Your Kids

Virtual Tours of 12 Museums 
This website contains virtual tours of 12 museums from around the world. Perhaps you could visit one or two a week. (Pretend you’re traveling around the world during this period of being homebound.)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams

Rick Steve’s Classroom Europe
Originally set up for teachers, this free website contains 400 video clips of travels throughout the world including search criteria such as Countries, Themes, and Historical Eras, with an option to hide mature topics. Most clips are 3–8 minutes in length.

Design a Boat Challenge

10 LEGO STEM Projects that Every Kid Should Try!

STEM Activities Archives

LEGO Prime Numbers Math Lesson 
Contains a printable worksheet and activity using 2×2 LEGO bricks (30 to 50 of them) and a baseplate to illustrate and find prime numbers. Good for Grades 4 & 5. 

PBS Kids Design Squad
This website is full of ideas. Where to begin depends on your student’s interest and what you have on hand in your home. You can sign up for a daily newsletter that includes activities and information for families who are home-bound due to the shelter in place directives.

This webpage has a lot of fun resources from a huge list of STEM ideas. It includes several movies that are STEM-related and havs activities and/or questions for each movie. It’s a lot of fun, so check it out!

The Exploratorium
Science activities brought to you by the great folks at the Exploratorium, the granddaddy of science centers! Here you will find a number of resources to help in stoking that sense of wonder for the world around us. 

Learning Toolbox for COVID-19 School Closures 
Another resource from the Exploratorium. They have dedicated a part of their page to providing a number of their resources for remote or online learning. 

NASA provides great activities for students of all ages and this is where to start. 

The Tech Interactive at Home: Lessons and Activities 
Formerly called the Tech Museum of Innovation and located in the heart of San Jose, the Tech Interactive provides a number of fantastic, engaging activities for students. Check this site out!

PBS Nova 
PBS Nova is a tremendous program, and this site provides a lot of material from the programming. Use the menu on the left side of the page to navigate your way through the resources. Please pay close attention to what grade levels each link is directed for when making your selections. 

Gross Science
From PBS and Nova, Gross Science and this series of short clips are a lot of fun for curious minds for things gross out there in the natural world. 

PK–12 Resources from PBS Learning
In response to current events, PBS Learning Media has put together a concise library for all the grade levels from their vast library. A good place to start for kiddos with STEAM always on their minds. 

PBS Nature
This is one of the best nature program series out there. Please note: some programs may only be downloaded by members (membership comes with a donation fee since this is public television). Click the “Video” or “Collections” button in the top menu, then browse to find all kinds of full-length programs, shorts, or clips. 

KQED Quest
This website offers public programming aimed at what is going on in current STEAM fields/issues/events of today. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Learning from Home
Recently posted by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this webpage offers multi-day activities for grades K through 12.  As quoted on the page: “We hope these resources will help you encourage a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world, even in this time of turmoil.”

Imagineering in a Box | Storytelling | Arts and humanities
If your child loves theme parks like Disney, Universal, or Six Flags, this might be something fun for them to do as a project. So many possibilities!

Pixar in a Box: The Art of Storytelling 
Another fun section from the same folks of the first link in this section except it has to do with Pixar. How fun is that?

17 Ted Talks for Kids to Inspire Little Minds to Do Big Things

TED Talks to Watch with Kids

Smart Kids’ Life Advice 
Some great advice for kids brought to you by the great folks at TED. 

Talks by Brilliant Kids and Teens 
Another great list of talks from TED that you can watch with your child or have them watch on their own. 

Watch TED-Ed videos | Watch | TED

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