Expo 2022 packing 130 pounds of cheese!

Sophomores, coleaders, and instructors are excitedly preparing for the start of the Expedition. Today our coleaders (11th and 12th grade students who have been extensively trained to help adult instructors lead our crews of sophomores) spent a few hours packing the 230 pounds of cheese that will be eaten by the 123 people participating in the Expedition. Cheese is a wonderful source the protein and fat students need to hike energetically and sleep warmly in the woods. Of course, everyone is preparing in other ways, as well: shopping for last-minute items, choosing an easy-to-wear hair-do (braids or a pony tail for long hair), and asking friends and family to write solo letters to them. Sophomores are expected at Rosen this Friday March 18 at 7:30 a.m! The dining hall opens at 7:00 am, and everyone should eat a good breakfast that morning, so feel free to drop off early if your sophomore wants to eat here.

For sophomores with missing items noted at their final gear check, please make sure to get these promptly, bring them in, and notify an adult or coleader to arrange to put them into student packs ASAP.

Families, if you would like to submit solo letters, please do so before 5:00 PM on Thursday, March 15.

Liz O’Hara

Expedition Communications Coordinator