RETURN TIMES Watch this space for the exact time that sophomores will return to Douglas Hall. It will be updated early this afternoon. I expect they will arrive between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, and will provide a more exact estimate when I have it.  Coleaders and instructors will return to school later in the afternoon.

SOPHOMORES will be back on campus at about 1:45pm

INSTRUCTORS AND COLEADERS will be back on campus at about 3:45pm

Today is the day they return to us! I can’t wait to hear the stories they have to tell. As I write the sophomores probably woke up early, ate breakfast and packed up their camps more quickly than they ever have, and are half-walking, half-running down the trails in their excitement to finish the Expedition. As the crews come out of the woods they will be picked up by school busses and brought to one location where every Expeditioner will gather to clean gear and have a final meeting. When the meeting is over the sophomores will board school busses for the trip back to school. I will update this post announcing the estimated time of arrival of the busses at school, and also set up an automatic text sophomore parents/guardians who have a US cell phone sharing their arrival time. A small reception with snacks has been arranged for the sophomores, and staff will be available to help students get into their dorm rooms. Instructors and Coleaders won’t return to school until later in the afternoon