Bob McCormick addressed the sophomores when they first arrived

This morning the Expedition (Expo) began! The sophomores gathered and met the coleaders and instructors, and were soon divided into the crews with whom they will spend the next eleven days. The sophomore crews consist of two adult instructors, two or three junior or senior coleaders, and about nine sophomores.

Their first task was get to know each other. Each sophomore was given a slip of paper with their name and an animal. The leadership groups were scattered around Rosen amphitheater doing their best imitation of the animal for their group, and the sophomores had to figure out which matched their slip of paper. They then worked to divide the crew gear and food among themselves and to fit it all in their packs under the expert tutelage of the instructors and coleaders. The sunny weather made this outside work a pleasure. Once finished, each group had a photo taken, and started their trip. I’ll add those pictures as soon as I receive them from our photographer, who followed the busses so that he could take more pictures. In the meantime, you can check out the crew lists.

Most crews will have a relatively short hiking day today to allow for a lot of teaching and for the relatively high weight of their packs. The sophomores need to be taught about many topics in these first few days, from how to choose a pace that will work for the whole group, to how to pay attention to their feet and take care of any discomfort as soon as they notice it, to how to identify poison oak, to how to use the bathroom when there isn’t a bathroom.

I’ll be posting daily updates here on the blog, and you should feel free to email me with any questions you have about the Expedition. Please avoid calling me, because I’d like to keep my phone free in case any of the hikers need to reach me. My email address is