Pre-season Arrival for Fall Sports

As a reminder, all returning students, Grade 9 students, and new transfer students are encouraged to attend pre-season training for their chosen fall program (this year, we are pleased that this includes preseason for theater and theater tech). While there is a tremendous benefit to pre-season training, students should be assured that no one is penalized for not being able to attend.

Because we believe that athletics and co-curricular programming are prime opportunities for experiential learning and establishing lasting values and lifelong relationships, we provide our students with a structured and top-quality co-curricular education. Through our programs, students learn integrity and responsibility, they become stronger, healthier and more team-oriented, and they develop character, humility and resilience.

Sport Resident Arrival Date Sports Orientation (day and residential students) First Practice
Football August 6 August 6  August 7
Water Polo (boys & girls) August 13 August 13  August 14
Cross Country August 13 August 13  August 14
Field Hockey August 13 August 13  August 14
Girls Tennis August 13 August 13  August 14
Girls Volleyball August 13 August 13  August 14
Dance Team August 13 August 13  August 14
Performing Arts August 13 August 13  August 14
Sailing August 13 August 13  August 14

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