Summer Learning Rising Grade 6

Join Us in Our All-School Summer “Big Read”

In continuing a Carmel Campus tradition, all PK-8 students and their families are invited to read and learn together through a dynamic engagement with literature. When we return to campus in August, our learning community will engage in a range of campus-wide activities associated with these books in ways that support our School’s mission and core values. 

This summer’s “Big Read” will focus on the works of Jacqueline Woodson, an award-winning author best known for her National Award-Winning memoir, Brown Girl Dreaming.

Rising Grades 5–8 (one book selection):

Before the Ever After

Brown Girl Dreaming

Harbor Me


Miracle’s Boys

Guidelines for Success

  • Create a daily reading routine

  • Give your child choice in the books they select

  • Use family involvement to encourage and monitor reading

  • Promote a love of reading by balancing high interest books, audiobooks, and family read alouds with books at your child’s independent reading level.

  • Make Summer reading fun and help children sustain their reading skills.

Find Books for Your Child’s Independent Reading Level

Here are some resources to help you find the right book for your child’s independent reading level (where the reader knows most of the words without too much difficulty).

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Summer Math Learning

Students in rising grade 6 will practice previously learned skills throughout the summer months in order to stay on pace within our Middle Division Math curriculum. Students are expected to complete each unit test or quiz assigned for summer work completion. There is an optional Extended Thinking section for students who would like to work beyond what is required.

Stevenson will facilitate the Online Summer Math learning through  Khan Academy to allow a more cohesive and structured format for students to complete the assignments and faculty to assess the work. Students will be able to work on their assignments and retry problems as needed. Videos are provided for additional support. Each section has a variety of resources to help support each skill. If you are uncertain of how to complete a task, rewatch a video or review a lesson.

Access to Kahn Academy

Each student received access instructions via Stevenson email account. Follow the prompts to login to Kahn Academy and create an account. You can join by using the Google link and connect it to your Stevenson account. Kahn Academy requires Stevenson Google credentials, i.e.,


  • Decimals
    • Adding Decimals
    • Subtracting Decimals
    • Multiplying Decimals
    • Dividing Decimals
  • Fractions
    • Adding Fractions
    • Subtracting Fraction s
    • Multiplying Fractions
    • Dividing Fractions
  • Multi-Digit Division and Multiplication
  • Area
  • Powers of 10

Extended Thinking

(Assigned but optional)

  • Conversion of Measures
  • Coordinate Planes
  • Volume

Suggested Pacing Plan

  • Month of July, no weekends
  • 15 minutes a day for 21 days (315 minutes = about 5.5 hours)

Pace your work based on this plan or you can spread it out over the entire summer break


All summer work assignments will be assessed as school resumes in the fall.

  • Completion of quizzes and unit tests assigned below


  • Completion of all the required time (315 minutes)

Need Help?

Please contact Andy Graham, Middle Division Mathematics Program Lead with ‌questions (

Please note: All students were onboarded in their math classes for summer. New families will receive communications regarding summer onboarding no later than July 1, 2022.

Summer Spanish Learning

Stevenson Spanish teachers as new and returning students to complete assignments over the summer in order to sustain their language skills for the coming year. New students will be asked to use courses setup through DuoLingo. Returning students will be given a list of Spanish language books for summer reading.

Returning Students

If students need a replacement copy of their chosen book or if they would like additional titles, they may be ordered from

At the end of each chapter, students should write a three-sentence summary of the chapter on a sticky note (in English or Spanish). Students should not write in the books. Students will bring their books back to school in the fall. They will complete a project based on their reading in the first weeks of Spanish class.

Grade 6 are required to read ONE of these novels:

Berto y sus buenas ideas

La perezosa impaciente

Isabela captura un congo

New Students

All Rising Grade 5 Students and all New Middle Division Students will complete  the 2022 New Student Spanish Summer Duolingo to learn basic words and phrases in Spanish.

How to Use DuoLingo:

  • From a laptop or desktop computer, go to the following link to create an account.
  • Join the 2022 New Student Spanish Summer Duolingo class.
  • Complete at least the seven of the assigned “skills”. Each “skill” has multiple lessons.