Lower Division

Fall 2022 Start Dates at a Glance

Carmel Campus Orientation
For new and returning Stevenson families
Tuesday, August 23 | Registration open at 10:00 a.m.

Lower Division First Day of Classes
Classes begin at 8:00 a.m.
Wednesday, August 24

Middle Division First Day of Classes
Classes begin at 8:20 a.m.
Wednesday, August 24


Academic Calendar (22–23)
School Calendar (live)

A Message from the Dean

Kate Bitter
Dean of the Lower Division

I trust this note finds you well and your family has had a restorative summer. In anticipation of the beginning of a new school year, I write to share information relevant to our return. This letter covers information about our campus summer big read, the lower division daily schedule, and orientation.

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Useful Links

Uniform Expectations
Lower Division Daily Schedule
Lower Division Student FAQs
Curriculum Guide for Carmel
Student Health & Safety

Teacher Welcome Letters


Welcome to PK! We are eager to begin the school year and look forward to supporting our youngest students’ growth as they begin their Stevenson journey. We look forward to meeting your children in person!

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We are so excited to be your child’s teachers this year. We look forward to meeting our students, discovering their unique interests and personalities, and helping them feel safe and cared for while cultivating their curiosity as lifelong learners.

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Grade 1

Grade 1 learners are full of hope and wonder, and so are we! As they become more conscious of their interests and imagination, we give them room to express themselves through discussion, writing prompts, and other learning activities.

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Grade 2

We are so excited to meet you all and begin our year together. In grade 2, we will continue to explore and strengthen Singapore math strategies, create written works using the Writing Workshop technique, learn about historical figures, dive into research projects, uncover the mysteries of STEM with a hands-on approach, read poetry and classic literature, perform class plays, read daily, and go on exciting field trips into our local community.

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Grade 3

Welcome to grade 3! We are excited to meet you and your child and begin our year full of learning and discovery! Our dynamic, robust, and engaging curriculum includes literacy, writing skills, cursive letter formations, mathematics (with a focus on multiplication and division), STEM, social studies, art, music, dance, physical education, Spanish, and social-emotional skills.

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Grade 4

 We are excited for the school year to begin and are eager to get to know you and your child! We look forward to partnering with you and supporting your child through the adventures that await us. The Grade 4 curriculum is interactive and motivational. We take a structured literacy approach to reading and writing. Students continue to build upon previous grades’ explicit phonics instruction using the orton-gillingham approach.

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