Fall midterm reports are now available for all students. Below is information that Dr. Griffiths sent regarding these reports and how to access them.

You are now able to view your fall midterm grades and comments on your Pirate Page under the Classes tab and the Grades and Transcripts subtab. These reports contain substantive, actionable feedback based on your teacher’s assessment of your progress so far in each class. It is important to note that these are in-progress grades, and will not appear on any final transcript. The only grades that appear on a Stevenson transcript are those issued at the end of the semester, so these midterm grades are best seen as diagnostic information to be considered in the context of the narrative comment that they accompany.

Our hope is that you focus on the feedback offered and use this information to help you in the second half of the semester. A great deal of educational research supports our belief that the use of feedback with specific detail on ways to improve is far more effective in improving academic outcomes than focusing on a numeric or letter grade alone. We offer these narrative reports at the midterm so there is still plenty of time for improvement, rather than at the end of the semester when the opportunity to act has passed! We consistently find that if you commit to developing increasingly effective academic habits based on the observations of your teachers, then success in the grade column invariably follows.

In some cases, these midterm reports highlight challenges that are best addressed by a change from an honors section to a regular section. After considering these reports, if you feel like you would benefit from such a change then you should talk to your parents as soon as you return from the break. You can make this change to their schedule up until Friday, October 21, otherwise you must remain in your current class until the end of the semester.

Your teachers put in a great deal of time and thought into these reports, so please take some time to read them carefully. I hope you have a restful break, and recharge your batteries to be ready for the rest of the semester!

Dr. Griffiths