Our Partner Bookstore is Open

If you haven't purchased books for all your classes, you should do so soon. Our partner bookstore is open, offering an efficient purchasing experience. Of course, you can still use other sources to hunt for bargains if you wish. Read this post to learn more.

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading assignments are available now! Click the title to find the link to more information.

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Selling, Donating, and Acquiring Books and Calculators

Read about the many options students have for selling and donating their books and calculators from 2021-2022, and acquiring books for 2022-2023. Please click on the title of this post for more detail.

2022-06-16T15:20:21+00:00May 20, 2022|

Placement Exercises

I'm sure you are each very involved in events at your current school as the year wraps up, and at the same time we are inviting you to think about what your life will be like as a Pirate next year. Each step you take brings you closer to the moment when you will be sitting in a high school classroom on Stevenson's campus. You belong there! Please click on the title of this post (Placement Exercises) for more detail.

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Hello Pirates!

I hope that you are excited to begin your time at Stevenson next year. I am certainly looking forward to working with you and your family! I am the registrar, and one of my roles is to help you choose the courses that will best meet your academic goals and personal interests for next year. You can start taking steps to request courses now. Please click on the title of this post (Hello Pirates!) for more detail.

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