Selling or Donating Books from 2021-2022

There are many options for selling and donating books from 2021-2022, and for acquiring books for 2022-2023.

Consider whether you want to sell or donate this year’s books. Your donation to Stevenson’s Book Exchange would benefit others, but you also have many options for selling, including the Swap & Shop Gmail group and selling to our partner bookstore (BNC), to Amazon, or to the store from which you purchased them. More information about each is below.

Donate Through the Learning Commons (LC) Book Exchange

The Learning Commons (LC) is accepting donations of textbooks, required reading, other books, calculators, paper, etc. Contact Mrs. Bagley-Rowe if you have any questions.

  1. Drop off items in the LC with Mrs. Bagley-Rowe, or in the designated bins in front of the LC up to Friday, June 10, or later if you contact Mrs. Bagley-Rowe to arrange the drop-off. StuCo will also have a Yard Sale for the donation of items other than books and calculators, Ms. Rector can answer questions about the Yard Sale.
  2. Items will be assessed and sorted by Mrs. Bagley-Rowe.
    • Items still in use for 2022-2023 will be available for next year’s students, with priority given to students on financial aid.
    • Other items
      • Textbooks that will not be used in 2022-2023 and are still curriculum pertinent will be added to the library collection or housed elsewhere on campus.
      • High quality items no longer part of the curriculum will be, as appropriate: available for purchase at the Yard Sale (proceeds to StuCo); sent to a vendor (proceeds to the LC); or donated to another organization

Sell or Donate Through the Swap & Shop Gmail Group

Swap & Shop is a group in Stevenson’s Gmail. To post an item for sale, create a new email, type “Swap” in the To: field and select Swap & Shop when it comes up. The next step is to enter a descriptive title and describe the item(s) offered for sale in the body of the email. When you hit Send, it will be added to an email bundling all of the Swap & Shop posts for that day and sent to all upper division students and teachers. Please post only real offers described in a well-composed email. If you are interested in buying an item offered for sale in Swap & Shop, it is preferred to reply to the sender only.

Sell Books Back to Stevenson’s Partner Bookstore (BNC)

  1. Go to Stevenson’s online bookstore.
  2. From the Menu dropdown choose “Sell Your Textbooks.” If you are the one who ordered the books this year, enter the email address and password from that order. If not, you may continue by entering your information under “New Customers” and clicking “Create Your Account.”
  3. Follow the directions on the page to select the books or enter the ISBN-13 number for each book you wish to sell. ISBN-13 numbers can be found on the back cover of the book above the barcode or on the title page at the front of the book. Continue to follow the directions to proceed to checkout, enter an address and select a payment option, and finalize your buyback quote.

Sell Books to Amazon (learn more) or to the Store From Which You Purchased

Acquiring Textbooks, Calculators, and Laptops for 2022-2023

Before school begins, you will need to acquire the books for your 2022-2023 courses. Refer to the Booklists for 2022-2023 to see which books and calculators will be used for your courses. If you have concerns or questions about your course list, please email Mrs. O’Hara before acquiring books. For information about laptops, please see the page for our Laptop Program

Course books and calculators can be expensive, but there are several options for mitigating this cost. Below are two purchasing methods that we recommend. The first method is usually the most cost-effective, and the second requires less time to source the required books. Used books, unannotated, are perfectly acceptable and in many ways preferable to purchasing new if available.

Most Cost-Effective

Starting early will allow you to take advantage of the best prices on used books. Here are some options:

  • You may find good deals from large used booksellers such as,,, or It is important to always check the ISBN-13 before purchasing to ensure that the edition you are considering is the correct book and edition. The booklists linked above contain the ISBN-13 number for each of the listed books. If you are purchasing in-person, you can check that the numbers match (ISBN-13 numbers can be found on the back cover of the book above the barcode or the title page at the front of the book). If purchasing online, enter the ISBN-13 directly into the search bar of the bookstore. Note that used workbooks and novels should be unannotated.
  • At the Learning Commons (LC) Book Exchange on campus, priority is given to students on financial aid. The Book Exchange is open for pickup during the last week of school, during the summer by appointment with Mrs. Bagley-Rowe, and once classes start. The LC does the work of checking ISBN-13 numbers to figure whether a particular edition is the correct one for you.
  • Current students on Stevenson’s Gmail receive notices of offers of items for sale on the Swap & Shop group.

Most Efficient

In late July our partner bookstore (BNC) is populated with information about your courses and required books. Students interested in an efficient book purchasing experience may want to wait until this time to purchase all books directly from BNC. If you have questions about how this works, you can check the FAQ page.​