To celebrate Martin Luther King Day and learn about the profound legacy of the Civil Rights hero, Stevenson’s Grade 3 students examined and discussed a selection of Dr. King’s most famous words. 

Their teachers kicked off the activity by dividing their students into groups of 4. Then, they had each group of students read through several of Dr. King’s well-known quotes—discussing what each meant to them and recording their responses.

Each student was assigned a specific role. One was the reader, who read the words aloud; one was the editor, who typed the group’s responses to the quotes; one was the wordsmith, who looked up any unfamiliar words the group didn’t understand; and one was the discussion leader, who kept everyone on task and engaged.

Grade 3 teacher Ms. Caroline Arrix explains that she and her co-teacher Ms. Katie Klevan ‘95 had students “discuss and record their meaning and or takeaways from the quotes using an app called Jamboard. Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that lets kids sketch out ideas and save them in the cloud so they can be accessed on any device. Each student in the group was assigned a ‘job’, and they rotated through each quote in 5-minute increments. Katie and I were blown away by the emotion, perspective, and thoughtfulness behind each of the annotations.”

Ultimately, the process was a rewarding learning experience for all students, who learned more about King’s work and thought, and also recognized that his wisdom still applies. 

To check out the Jamboard from the students’ activity, click here