Welcome Message from Courtney (Slautterback) Harwood '92

While I believe that gratitude should be practiced year-round, November always serves as a reminder of the importance of appreciation. It’s the perfect time to express my immense gratitude for my enduring connection to RLS. 

My experience at RLS continues to profoundly impact me each and every day. My life-long friendships from my days in the forest remain very strong, and rarely does a day pass when I don’t speak to, text, or exchange memes about growing up in the 80’s with those friends.  As a parent of two teenagers, I often find solace in the school prayer: “O Lord, give us the strength to encounter that which is to come…” Coach Wilson sure knew what he was preaching about!  As the former head of the Stevenson Alumni Association and a current board member, I am privileged to attend special events at the school where I witness the brilliance of the next generations of students, their journeys illuminated by the same Stevenson spirit we hold dear.

I encourage all of you to maintain your ties with the school, keeping the Stevenson spirit alive and thriving in your lives, and of course, remaining loyal and loving to one another.

Check out the School’s event calendar here.