A love of learning extends far beyond the classroom for many Stevenson Pirates. This is especially true for Corine Huang ’22, who recently founded The Novae Musae Collective, an organization devoted to reviving and studying the classics—particularly for underrepresented students. The Novae Museum Collective is a student-run organization that aims to break boundaries surrounding Classical Education, uncovering and telling the stories of the underrepresented minorities of the Classical World, with the hopes they’ll be able to use classical education to directly confront inequality today. 

The Novae Musae Collective runs a free fellowship program, which, according to the organization’s mission statement, aims to “cultivate an inclusive, linguistic, and cultural study of the Classics” and to “uplift populations who are marginalized with respect to race, gender, sexuality, and/or class, and share the beauty in these ancient, syncretic traditions.”

According to Huang, who now serves as co-founder and co-president of the Collective, “Students in our program are paired with a mentor in whatever artistic medium they choose (poetry, visual arts, fashion design, performing arts, etc.) as well as a Classics mentor who will draw connections to the ancient literature, history, and linguistics that inform their work. Mentors and students study personalized curriculums and coordinate a schedule whereby they meet remotely 1-2 times per week for a semester. At the end of the mentorship, students’ works are anthologized in a portfolio.”

Huang explains that she was inspired to start the Collective with a friend “with the intention of using the Classics––typically associated with prejudice and elitism––as a source of empowerment and creating a space for students who would not otherwise be able to pursue their creative passions to explore artistic interests. We hoped to highlight the minority voices and women who challenged Ancient Greco-Roman ideals, facilitate discussion about inequality and diversity, and remove the Classics from their glorified pedestal.”

In addition to Huang, the organization is also staffed and run by a group of high school students from across the globe, and it is overseen by an advisory board that includes both college-age students and educators.

You can learn more about The Novae Musae Collective and all they do on the organization’s website.