On March 10, Rhea C. ’22 was chosen by a volunteer selection committee from the PCAL Board of Managers as the league’s top female Scholar-Athlete of the year. She and the male nominee, Michael Julian of York School, will now advance to the next round of the competition, in which they will compete against the nominees from each of CCS’ leagues to receive the title of overall Girl or Boy Scholar-Athlete of the Year, as well as a $1500 scholarship prize.

Rhea has received many athletics awards during her tenure at Stevenson, but this is the second time during this academic year that she has been recognized for being a student who shines just as brightly in other aspects of School life. In November 2021, Rhea received the Nathan Krissoff Award—an annual prize named in honor of Nathan Krissoff ‘99, who was killed in Iraq while serving as a counterintelligence officer in the Marines. The award honors a member of the senior class who best exemplifies Nathan’s characteristics: loyalty to and care for others, curiosity and intuitiveness, humor, vitality, and bravery.

Rhea was selected for the Krissoff Award owing to her exceptional breadth and depth of achievement. While she has won her fair share of sports accolades, her athletic prowess is equally matched by her inspiring leadership skills, which are complemented by her impressive academic acuity.

When delivering the Krissoff Award to Rhea, head of the upper division Dr. Dan Griffifths explained how Rhea’s excellence is never self-serving, but instead, used to unite the people around her. “Rhea is an outstanding student,” he said, “and also undoubtedly a fierce competitor. But she never demands to be the star of the show. She plays for her team and teammates. She plays for the love of competition, and for the challenge.”

In the classroom, Rhea consistently brings together and inspires her peers by expressing an ever-present, joyful passion for learning. Her kindness and compassion foster trust among all of her peers, and her talent and dedication inspire others players to work and compete alongside her.

Mr. Cooper Kehoe ‘07, Rhea’s advisor, believes Rhea’s drive for excellence and capacity to lead by example arise from her care for the community. Ms. Lucy Stockdale, Rhea’s varsity basketball coach, adds, “Rhea is hungry to get better, to be better, to make the people around her better. She coaches, supports, and celebrates those around her, and this reflects her true love for her teams, her peers, and this place.”