During remote learning, Grade 7 student Wanzie created a slew of stunning and impressive pieces for Mrs. Russell’s art class, and she found ways to nurture her growing passion for making art, despite not being able to attend in-person classes.

Wanzie has always had fun with drawing and painting, but she says her more serious interest in art grew over time, especially once she turned ten. Wanzie was taking in-person painting classes before the COVID-19 pandemic began. However, once learning was forced to go remote, Wanzie signed up for online art classes, and she continued to develop her artistic skills while studying at home.

In her online classes, Wanzie learned new, more advanced techniques like shading, drawing anatomy, and drawing architecture. She also started working with media beyond paint, and now, she says her favorite materials to work with include charcoal, watercolor, and ink. She also loves sketching and making digital art.

When asked where she gets the ideas for the work she creates, Wanzie explains, “I get a lot of inspiration from real life, as well as on the web and from books. There are a lot of talented artists who I take inspiration from, and Mrs. Russell is one of them, because she is really amazing.”

Middle Division Art Teacher Mrs. Russell is proud of Wanzie’s work and the pieces she has created. She explains, “Wanzie has challenged herself with outside art classes with teachers in China. She practices her Chinese and learns art techniques at the same time. Her artwork is truly unbelievable and has advanced to levels way beyond her years. It is mind blowing.”

Ultimately, Wanzie plans to continue making art through her schooling, and she can even see herself pursuing art professionally. She explains, “I do want to become either an illustrator or animator, or someone who makes comics—jobs that mash two of my favorite things together: art and books!”

Check out some of Wanzie’s incredible artwork below!