Danielle Whitney (Coulter) Gandee ‘90

Sacred Rituel Beauty


Sacred Rituel is all organic, high potency skincare made with natures most revered and healing botanicals, plants and herbs to restore balance, rejuvenate skin cells and create a healthy radiant glow.

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Charlotte Kwon ‘85

Ounce Cookies LLC


Ounce Cookies specializes in craft cookies tailored to ingredient conscious consumers in 12 contemporary flavors.  We choose  organic ingredients wherever the option exists and avoid artificial colors and preservatives. Picking & Pairing Ingredients with Care, Ounce Cookies strives to curate new flavor experiences for consumers by both refreshing familiar flavor profiles and experimenting with cross-cultural culinary notes.  Through illustration, the packaging highlights the lead ingredient of each flavor, as well as shades of color that resonate with the ingredients as found in nature, to connect consumers with the natural, real foods that go into the cookies. Our packaging is BPA free, by the way.

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