Even as Stevenson remains in its remote mode, Athletes That Care (ATC)—a student-run service organization—continues to thrive and serve the local community.

Last year was especially busy and productive for ATC. One of the most successful activities hosted by the organization was the fourth annual Super Bowl Party for the Disadvantaged, which resulted in record-breaking fundraising amounts and impressive attendance. The group also continued their weekly tradition of serving peanut butter sandwiches to those in need in the community, delivering a total of 1,777 sandwiches (with trail mix, socks, rain tarps, and more) over the course of 2020. (They’ve delivered a total of 9,068 sandwiches since the organization’s inception.) 

Also in 2020, two Stevenson students successfully launched and spearheaded brand new ATC initiatives. One was the collection and delivery of 165 “COVID Packs” (packages of face masks, hand sanitizers, and other sanitation products), a project created and led by Dev Patel ’21. The other was the collection and delivery of 128 “Shower Packs” (packages include shower tokens, soap, and shower shoes), which was created and launched by Alex Ahuja ’22, with the aim of helping the community stay cleaner and healthier, especially during the pandemic. The group intends to make the collection and delivery of Shower Packs an ongoing project.  

Founder of ATC and Stevenson alumnus, Matthew Gibbs ’18, commends the current members of ATC, praising them for their hard work and continued dedication to serving the local community: “I am very proud of what the guys have continued to do after my graduation. They deserve all of the credit in the world.”

The Stevenson students currently involved in ATC are Josh Peyton ’21 (ATC Stevenson School Lead), Dev Patel ’21 (ATC Social Media Lead & Founder of COVID Pack Project), Connor Cosand ’21 (ATC Webmaster), Alex Ahuja ’22 (Founder of Shower Pack Initiative), Jasper Dale ’22, Ethan Leamey ’23, and Jackson Swette ’21. 

Click here to learn more about Athletes That Care, the organization’s mission, and how you may be able to get involved: https://mryathletesthatcare.com/