This fall, Miss MaryKate Colao, who teaches PK-4 Spanish, and Mr. Phillip Koshi, who teaches Spanish in the upper division, developed a collaborative project that allowed some of our youngest and oldest students to form cross-campus connections and foster excitement about life-long language learning.
The first exercise began in October: a joint creation and reading of a “Dia de los Muertos” book. Initially, small groups of AP Spanish students virtually visited kindergarten and grade 1 classes to participate in fun “getting to know you” exercises via Zoom. Then, in typical Día de los Muertos tradition, all students independently colored calaveras (skulls). These creations were compiled into books and delivered to the upper division students by Miss Colao—who helped the older students learn how to best read the Día de los Muertos story to the younger students. In early November, the AP Spanish virtually visited the kindergarten and grade 1 classes. Everyone engaged in a brief warm-up activity before moving to breakout rooms to read the story together. Afterward, they reconvened for a farewell.
Students from both campuses reported that they enjoyed the unique opportunity to connect with students from the other campus, and they are already looking forward to seeing each other once again!
The aim of the cross-campus Spanish collaboration is to inspire students to take full advantage of the language skills they possess, while also showing both age groups the utility and fun of language learning. Also, many of the upper division students participating in the collaboration began their Stevenson journeys in the lower division, so this partnership provides both groups a chance to reflect on where they’ve been and where they can go.
Mr. Koshi and Miss Colao expect to continue their collaboration, and they are brainstorming activities for December.