In November, Carter Edgerton ’85—currently the global account director for PlayStation, a video game brand that is a division of Sony—partnered with Yuna Hur, upper division computer science and math teacher, to present a special guest webinar to interested students about his journey and professional career. 

Ms. Hur and Mr. Edgerton engaged in a 30-minute conversation about his work—how he launched his career in gaming, how he arrived at PlayStation, what he does on a day-to-day basis, and how his experience at Stevenson helped shape him. Then he took questions from students who wanted to learn more about his work and his self-described “unexpected” path. Students asked a wide range of questions during the webinar—from how to predict whether a video game will be successful or not, to what steps they should take to begin a career in gaming. (He also generously answered some very “insider” questions about PlayStation’s brand new PS5!)

Mr. Edgerton encouraged students to pursue classes and hobbies that spark their interest, and explained that being open to new ideas and avenues may lead to opportunities they’d never imagined. He told students, “This is my recommendation to all of you: follow your passions, think about the things that are of interest to you, and try them. Don’t be fearful of failure as you try some of those classes or some of those different areas that you’re exploring, because later in life you’ll realize that a lot of that is what ends up feeding you…it helps to build who you are, and ultimately ends up directing you. It’s important to check those horizons and explore new things.”

Ms. Hur explains, “In the beginning of our conversation, Mr. Edgerton reflected that he would’ve never predicted his post-high school trajectory to be in the video game industry. I think this message is so valuable for current Stevenson students to hear directly from him, as it spoke to looking forward to new curiosities and discoveries that continue even after high school and when we might least expect. I’d also add that his messages prompted students to be reminded of the joys and passions that come with being open-minded and with the willingness to meet different people. The impact that such self-reflective personal storytelling has for students is so meaningful.” 

You can watch a recording of the entire webinar with Carter here.