Laptop Program

Our 1:1 laptop program at the middle and upper divisions allows teachers to incorporate a wide variety of software applications and tools into their curricula. All students in grades five through twelve and all teachers have their own state-of-the-art laptop computers for use at school and home. Students in the Lower Division have access to classroom computers and iPads.

Purchasing a Laptop

All middle division students are issued a Chromebook for use at school.

Grade 9-12 students are required to have a Windows 10 or newer laptop or an Apple MacBook (macOS Monterey 12.6 or newer). All new students bring computers to one of the BootCamp events during orientation for configuration and installation of software. Stevenson’s software suite includes: Windows, macOS, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sophos endpoint protection and Google Workspace. Students may use iPads or other tablets as a secondary device, but these will not suffice as a primary computer.

Upper Division FAQs

All students are provided the following software: for both Windows and Apple computers: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sophos Endpoint protection, Meraki MDM agent, G-Suite

All students are required to have a laptop that can be used in the classroom. Desktop computers are allowed in the dorms as a
second computer with screens limited to a maximum of 27 inches. Additionally, we only support WiFi in the dorms. There are no wired Ethernet ports for students in the dorm rooms.
Stevenson provides an entire suite of software. These applications will be installed at our bootcamp in August.
Currently, Linux is not compatible with our network security requirements and therefore is not supported on the Stevenson network.
A netbook or tablet with appropriate software and updates will connect to the Stevenson network. However, the limited processing
power and screen size make a netbook impractical as a sole computer. A netbook or tablet may be appropriate for limited use
as a second computer.
Students should have an external hard drive to store copies of important files. USB flash drives (also known as thumb drives) will also provide temporary storage and help move large files from computer to computer. Each student has storage on Google Drive.
We suggest that computers be included on parents’ homeowners or rental insurance policies and that serial numbers be recorded at

Lower/Middle Division FAQs

Students in grades five through eight on the Carmel Campus are issued a Lenovo Chromebook to support their learning. Computers in grades 5-8 are allowed to be taken home each school day.

Questions about the laptop program can be directed to Adil EchChahi

Because the Upper Division campus has an international population of more than 500 resident and day students, in addition to other dynamics that differ from the Carmel Campus, we will continue supporting the current mixed-platform laptop program. As the technology applications advance in conjunction with our the option to choose a laptop make and model based on their needs and interests. On the other hand, we expect parents and students will be delighted by what the Chromebook offers.
As part of the Chromebook program, students will only take Chromebooks home for specific assignments. Additional cases may purchased for the Lenovo 500e Chromebook online.
Each school owned Chromebook has a warranty to cover most incidental damage. If a student loses or significantly damages a
Chromebook they will be required to pay the cost to replace it. Note that accidental damage – such as screen breakage – is not
As part of the laptop program and the Community Citizenship curricula in Middle Grades, students explore themes of digital
safety and security, search and research, kindness and respect, digital footprint, creativity, and screen time. Students learn how to change settings on their laptops to minimize distractions such as pop-ups, messaging, and volume controls. Middle grade students also engage in an ongoing dialogue with their teachers and peers about what is working and what is not, and support is provided to work through tech challenges.
With the adoption of Grade 5 into the Middle Grade program, and with the extra responsibilities and skills empowered to students in the STEM and Humanities programs, we believe that grade 5 students are ready and capable to enter into the laptop program.