Installation Ceremony for
Dr. Dan Griffiths
Fifth President of Stevenson School

Thank you for joining us as we came together as a community for the installation of Stevenson School’s fifth president. Our PK-12 students, faculty and staff, parents and guardians, alumni, trustees, and friends of the School gathered in the Wandke Amphitheater on the Pebble Beach campus for this special ceremony to mark and celebrate the appointment of Dr. Griffiths. We hope you will watch the ceremony coverage from this joyful day both to honor Stevenson School’s new leadership and to celebrate our remarkable community.

“Stevenson. Where the sun’s rays emerge through the glass panes of Rosen to illuminate the myriad of students and their blooming passions and ambitions.”

Michelle H. ’25

“Stevenson. Where the most meaningful connections are made in the most unexpected places like on the sun-speckled grass fields of Henry Coe State Park or stargazing on Wilson Field.”

Ko’Olina M. ’24

“There are so many big things to say—that we are a school where students and adults alike learn to be brave; that together we strive for all to belong and we work to get better at this each day; that we believe in joy and also hard, thoughtful work; the role of loyalty and love and encountering that which is to come; the way that we are nestled alongside the Pacific Ocean and perhaps the small and important way this keeps us humble and reminds us to wonder.”

Aimée Bates, head of the upper division

“If you don’t know stuff, you will learn it. You have to be kind to everyone even if you don’t play with them.”

Brody P. ’36

“Stevenson is a great community because everyone is kind, lovely, loyal, and forgiving. I’m sure that Dr. Griffiths will make Stevenson a better place than it already is.”

Scarlett A. ’30



Dr. Dan Griffiths, President, and Dr. Holly Sliger
Ruan ’27 and Rosie ’31 Griffiths

David Colburn ’76, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and
Cynthia Chapman ’83, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Joe Wandke, School President 1983–2015, and
Marilee Wandke


Jazmin Morenzi ’23 (Stevenson “lifer”) and Vivian Newhouse ’36

Carmel Campus School Prayer

Wendi Kirby
Lower Division Music Teacher

Reflections on Community

Aimée Bates
Head of the Upper Division

Molly K. Bozzo
Head of Lower and Middle Divisions

Scarlett Aeschliman ’30
Siena Braiker ’33
Nolan Brown ’35
Michelle Henaku ’25
Wyatt Kemmerer ’31
Lily Li ’25
Gibson McArthur ’31
Ko’Olina Mosley ’24
Willa Neukom ’33
Brody Pastrana ’36
Emmie Ridgley ’33
Colton Thorsen ’35
Trent Toole ’23
Quincy Qu ’25

Musical Interlude

Stevenson Band*

Framing the Moment

David Colburn ’76
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Introducing Dr. Griffiths

Cynthia Chapman ’83
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Remarks from the President

Dr. Dan Griffiths

Choral Performance
“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

Upper Division Choir and Grade 4 Singers*

Pebble Beach School Prayer

Germano Diniz ’88
Upper Division Mathematics Department Chair


Participating Musicians*

Upper Division Choir

Anjela Abanico ’24

Yoko Cabrera ’23

Julie Draxler ’25

Jean-Luc DuPreez ’23

Luca Fang ’23

Sarah Huang ’25

Leda Kendall ’26

Vivian Kou ’24

Claire Lee ’26

Alice Li ’25

Joseph Lu ’23

Annette Ma ’24

Sophia O’Gorman ’23

Noah Pope ’23

Sophia Posamentier ’26

Ansam Qureshi ’24

Kayla Russell ’23

Amber Voluntad ’23

Julie Wang ’26

Abby Yamashita ’23

Chris Yang ’26

Under the direction of

Willow Manspeaker,
Director of Music:
Upper Division

Grade 4 Singers

Airlie Andrade ’31

Theo Bates ’31

Callaghan Bitter ’31

Madden Braiker ’31

Charlotte Cabral ’31

Neri De Leo ’31

Giuliana Diniz ’31

Rosie Griffiths ’31

Madison Hirst ’31

Aly Huang ’31

Wyatt Kemmerer ’31

Idris Locke ’31

Gibson McArthur ’31

Tamzin McGill ’31

Miles Mikus ’31

Amore Oshodi ’31

Cruz Ridgley ’31

Austen Rogers ’31

Conner Rosenthal ’31

Liv Russell ’31

Dean Wasbauer ’31

Emily Watts ’31

Under the direction of

Wendi Kirby,
Music Faculty:
Lower Division

Stevenson Band

Grades 9-12 Musicians

Nguyen Bui ’24
French Horn, Mellophone

Vicky Darko ’25
Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone

Alessandro De Leo ’25 Tenor Saxophone

Aki Hill ’24
Tuba, Percussion

Jia Hai Huang ’23
String Bass

Kai Kobrak ’23

Steven Lai ’25
Alto Saxophone

Annette Ma ’24
Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Euphonium

George Neault ’25

Ned Nguyen ’23
Clarinet, Piano

Sophie Posamentier ’26
Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone

Grade 7 & 8 Musicians

Julianna Cullers ’28

Claire Deiparine ’28

Ian Evangelista ’27

Meya Lin ’27

Sophie Petrocelli ’28
Alto Saxophone

Sora Petrocelli ’27

Gabi Tight ’28

Daniela Winterrowd ’27

Hamish Witten-Forsythe ’28

Under the direction of

Robbie Stange,
Music Faculty:
Middle and Upper Divisions