Supporting early educational testing for Carmel Campus students, while also providing teacher and parent training, with the goal of tailoring curricula to each student’s learning profile.

Stevenson would like to commemorate Samantha Allyn Silverman (“Sami”), who attended Stevenson from 1999–2008. Sami attended the University of Arizona, graduating with a degree in Psychology, and then owned a CrossFit gym in Tucson, Arizona. She taught many classes, including to veterans with PTSD, and was well known in her community for using physical pursuits to manage and overcome psychological issues. She participated in CrossFit Games around the country and helped teams from her gym compete. Sadly, she was the passenger in a fatal car accident in Paradise Valley, Arizona, dying at the age of 24.

The Samantha Allyn Silverman Fund was created by Samantha’s family in 2021. They wanted to honor her as a joyful, enthusiastic student who benefited from her teachers’ and parents’ willingness to embrace her unique learning profile. Her mother, Joanna Geldner Silverman, shared her family’s ambition for the fund: “My husband, Alan, my son, Michael ’05, and I set up the Fund because we want to bring clear, early information to parents and teachers about each Stevenson student’s learning style. When Samantha was in fifth grade, we learned through testing that she had a learning difference. It was important for her to understand that she was very smart, and that she simply learned differently than other children. She discovered that she was a visual learner so she learned adaptations and gathered many ‘tricks’ to recall information and perform well in her studies. In her memory, we want all students to have this critical early access to evaluation that helps teachers and parents identify learning styles and create a better roadmap for each student’s learning journey.”

Carmel Campus Head of School Molly Bozzo recently described the impact of the fund on her students: “The Silverman family has made it possible for learners to thrive at the Carmel Campus through this ongoing gift in honor of their daughter, Samantha. Their continued generosity has made it possible for students to develop a firm grasp of how they learn, while giving teachers the tools to help accommodate and better access the minds of each young learner. The Fund directly supports this critical endeavor, and the faculty, staff, and students at the Carmel Campus are indebted to the vision, faith, and contributions of the Silverman family.”