Benefiting From and Building Our Community

Though Romina Riviello and Augusto Fernandez make their home in Mexico City–more than 2000 miles away from Pebble Beach–their positive influence on Stevenson School over the past several years has been unsurpassed. As highly engaged parents to Romi ‘22 (the School’s current student body president), tireless admissions ambassadors, and generous members of the President’s Circle of the Silverado Society, they have established themselves as an integral part of Pirate Nation.

Romina and Augusto’s passion for Stevenson is inspired by their observation of Romi’s experience from her first days at School. “Romi found a second home at RLS,” her parents write. “She has learned about other cultures, while sharing her own; learned to seek support when confronting challenges; learned to play new sports and be a good teammate; and built new friendships. She has matured—and has also been able to have fun and enjoy the simple things along the way.”

Heavily involved in group activities since she arrived on campus, Romi has appeared on stage in the winter musical, competed in mock trial, and earned varsity letters in field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. At the end of her junior year, Romi was elected president of the student council. She believes she was elected because of her dedication to community building: “I think I won in part because I have always tried to create connections with and among all of my peers.”

Romina and Augusto explain that their decision to donate was twofold: to honor Stevenson’s impact on their daughter, and to help the School continue to move forward for the benefit of the generations of students who will follow her. “We both share a common love of learning and value what education can do to improve people’s lives,” they explain. “Giving allows us to make a positive impact and to show our appreciation for everything we as a family have received as part of this awesome community.”

“This has been a marvelous journey,” Romina and Augusto write. “Now, Romi is part of RLS’ history and RLS is part of Romi´s path. Though we do not know what lies ahead, we do know that all three of us will forever be Pirates in our hearts!”