Sue Denny – 23 Years 

Sue Denny announced this spring that this current academic year would be her final one at Stevenson. We shared Sue’s retirement announcement (written by Aimée Bates, associate head of the upper division and Sue’s longtime colleague) in May; if you missed it, you can read it here. Following the announcement, several alumni sent messages of support and thanks to Sue for her contributions to their time at Stevenson. “Read More” for a few excerpts that capture the impact Ms. Denny had on so many.

Sue is so kind, has such a great sense of humor, solves problems with curiosity and thoroughness, and is an amazing friend. I am so grateful for the chance to work with her as her co-leader. She cares deeply about her students, colleagues, and friends and family. That care shows up in how present she is with whoever is lucky enough to be around her at any given time.” – Russell Sterten ’06

As parents of two of your former students, we could not have asked for a better role model who consistently demonstrated such strength in character and principles. Your upbeat, positive, engaging, fun personality brought such sunshine into the lives of everyone who were lucky enough to interact with you. You are the absolute best teacher, role model, coworker, advisor, coach, friend, mom, wife, grandmother and more that we could ever ask for. You will be so missed by your colleagues, students, and staff at Stevenson.” – Beth and Jeff Young

“I felt so lucky to have you as my 8th-grade math/science teacher, especially since our class needed someone to really ground us. I know our class really made life difficult for the lower/middle school but I think a big reason we turned out ok once we got to high school was having you as a strong role model in one of the most influential years of our lives.” – Kota Uyeda, Class of 2003 (Lower and Middle Divisions)

Pete Hanson – 30 Years

From delivering mail to all corners of the campus to selling tickets to basketball games to posting athletic scores on the website, Pete Hanson has been an important part of the Stevenson community for three decades. Jeff Yamashita, assistant athletic director and physical trainer, shared his comments about Pete and his many contributions to the school in a video here.

Thank you Sue and Pete for all you have done for Stevenson students and our community. If you would like to send a message to either Sue or Pete, email Mia Peterson ’89, director of alumni and parent relations, at and she will ensure its delivery.