Available To: qualified grade 11 and 12 students, see placement requirements link above

Special Notes: This course does not count towards the diploma requirement for the Science department. Students taking this course must concurrently be enrolled in a year of traditional science or have successfully completed three years of traditional science.

Mechatronics is the union of electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, and includes robotics. This course uses design and discovery surrounding mechatronics to expose students to various engineering disciplines and prepare them for introductory college-level engineering coursework, such as physical computing/coding with applied mathematics, control theory, and 3D modeling/printing. Students will engage in intriguing and challenging hands-on projects involving these topics to further develop important problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that are necessary to be an effective engineer. Projects include using an 8-LED display for sensor input and a game, designing an RGB lamp, programming an autonomous robot, and creating a wireless remote control car.

While no prior programming experience is required, it is helpful. Honors level projects will be available to challenge the more advanced student.