Available to: qualified grade 11 and 12 students, see placement requirements link above

Special Notes: This course does not count towards the diploma requirement for the Science department. Students taking this course must concurrently be enrolled in a year of traditional science or have successfully completed three years of traditional science.

This is a course that helps students understand the engineering design process, as well as how prototypes are used to give engineers the ability to explore design alternatives, test theories, and confirm performance. Students will be engaged in stimulating and collaborative hands-on problem-solving activities for the purpose of experiencing how engineers and technicians use a combination of mathematics, science, technology, and prototyping to discover solutions to problems they encounter. In addition to building on their creative and critical thinking skills as young engineers, students in this class will learn how to use Fusion 360 (3D computer aided design tool by Autodesk) as a digital design tool, along with 3D printers, to produce prototypes.