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Spanish 5: 20th Century Latin American Children’s Literature

During our childhood, we all formed part of what Alison Lurie calls “a partly savage and ancient tribe.” We were not only members of that tribe, but we read and enjoyed its texts, the didactic and the subversive ones. Over the course of the semester students will gain a deeper understanding of children’s literature in general and identify key concepts and terminology related to this field. We will analyze a selection of short stories by well-known Latin American writers exploring the narrative resources used as well as their historical and cultural context. In addition, students will question many of the commonly held conceptions and stereotypes about children, childhood, and children’s literature and develop a critical perspective of how children are defined by culture, what they are expected to read and why.

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Spanish 5: Survey of Cuban Culture

The culmination of the nineteenth century marks the beginning of a significant chapter in the history of Cuba. In 1898 the Spanish American War ended, and Spain lost the colony of Cuba to the United States. The island’s transition to the Republic (1902-1958) and later to the Revolution of 1959 caused cultural, social, and political changes that shaped and affected the formation of a national identity. This course gives students an overview of Cuban culture from the Republic to the 1990s. We will explore the cultural contrast between pre and post-Revolutionary Cuba by engaging with relevant materials. Furthermore, we will discuss post-colonialism and expressions of national identity, the importance of censorship, political exile, and diaspora.

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The Postmodern Storyteller

Artists and writers of the late 20th century had witnessed the horrors of the First and Second World Wars, the Holocaust, the Cold, Korean and Vietnam Wars, the torturous progress of the civil rights movement and the upheavals and inequalities of late-capitalist society. They were confronted with a world fragmented and transformed by technology and conflict, seemingly devoid of the meaning that had grounded the grand narratives of Western culture. This course will explore the innovations in language and form that postmodernists used to construct this altered reality while deconstructing identity, reason and even truth itself. In class discussions and analytical and creative writing assignments, students will consider the use of metafiction, paradox, intertextuality, subjectivity, black humor, time distortion and other tools of postmodernist writers such as Vladimir Nabokov, Kurt Vonnegut, Haruki Murakami, Lydia Davis, Joseph Heller, Kathy Acker, Thomas Pynchon, Italo Calvino, Heinrich Boll and George Saunders.

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The California Dream

The natural, social and political landscape of California has served as the muse for some of America’s greatest writers, working against a backdrop of striking beauty and under threat of earthquake and fire. Joan Didion’s Sacramento is a tense, frontier experiment: “things better work here, because here, beneath the immense bleached sky, is where we run out of continent.” Angie Chau’s immigrant San Francisco is a fantasized place of new beginnings and disappointing realities. Jack Keroac’s Bakersfield is “the land of lonely and exiled and eccentric lovers come to forgather like birds… where everybody somehow looked like broken-down, handsome, decadent movie actors.” Through a diverse collection of readings, frequent class discussions and analytical and creative writing, this course will explore the literature of California and the role that the California dream plays in the American consciousness. Course materials may draw from the work of Joan Didion, Angie Chau, John [...]

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Spanish 5: Semester Courses

Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link above Schedule: each meets during a single semester The Semester Spanish course offerings can change from year to year. The registrar will work with students to request particular semester Spanish courses in May. Spanish 5 represents the culmination of a student’s Spanish adventure at Stevenson. These courses are taught exclusively in the target language and focus heavily on culture in the Spanish-speaking world. Elective offerings might include topics such as literature, history, art, and film. The aim of these courses is to further develop students’ proficiency in Spanish, while also encouraging them to broaden their understanding of the world around them.

Learning Strategies

Type: Pass/F Available to: all students Schedule: decided after the start of school in collaboration with members of the Learning Center Special notes: This course does not count towards any diploma requirement. In Learning Strategies, students meet one-to-one with a member of the Learning Center every week to gain effective skills such as note-taking and test-taking strategies, organizational techniques and ways to utilize assistive technology. Students learn about their strengths and needs as learners, how to communicate with classroom teachers, how to effectively allocate time and energy, and how to thrive using sustainable and empowering techniques. The goal of this course is to build essential academic skills and establish resources needed to be successful Stevenson students

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Theater Productions

The afternoon Theater program meets the school’s afternoon commitment requirement and consists of three major productions each year: the fall play, the winter musical, and, depending on the year, a spring play and/or senior showcase. While these productions are ambitious and reinforce the curriculum taught in the acting classes, any student wanting to act is welcome and encouraged to audition. Theater Tech offers students a first-hand opportunity to practice logistic and production-related aspects of a performance: sound, lighting, set design and set construction. Students can participate in Theater and/or Theater Tech in any (or all) of the three sports seasons. Productions typically feature five performances (on consecutive weekends), before school and local community audiences in the school’s Keck Auditorium.

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Summer Geometry

Type: summer Available to: high school students who have completed Algebra 1 Schedule: three and a half hours a day, five days a week for five weeks in the summer Special Notes: Students taking this course are still expected to take a full load of courses in the following year. The course is in-person and our dorms are closed, so students must provide their own housing and meals. For information about the Summer Geometry course, please click here.

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Algebra Honors

Type: honors Available to: qualified students, see placement requirements link above This course is the first in the honors sequence for highly motivated and skilled students. Students develop a strong foundation in topics covered in Algebra while having their knowledge enhanced with additional problem sets that focus on more advanced concepts designed to provide a challenge for even the strongest students. Using mathematical puzzles and abstract concepts, students learn by exploration and collaboration while preparing themselves for future honors math courses. This course prepares students for Geometry Honors. For specific topics covered, see course description for Algebra.

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