Exciting Changes in World Languages at RLS

Teachers in Stevenson’s world languages department continue to develop curriculum and best practices to meet the needs of students across all three divisions. In particular, the cross-divisional department has a heightened focus on proficiency-based teaching and learning with the goal of developing real-world language skills and lifelong language learners. To assess the program the department uses the Avant STAMP™ (Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency) test. This test has been utilized at the Carmel Campus since 2014 and was recently added to the Pebble Beach Campus program. This year’s upper division level-two language students took the STAMP test in order to gauge their proficiency using the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency guidelines. After students took the test, the School received a report that rated each individual student's proficiency in four different competencies: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Phillip Koshi, the upper division world languages department chair, [...]

Stevenson Scientists Win Grant to Tag and Track Whales

Stevenson continues its pivot towards hands-on place-based science learning. Recently, Upper Division science teacher Kevin D’Angelo was awarded a grant by the Arribada Initiative, an organization that “co-develops open, customizable and impact-driven conservation technologies.” With the grant, which is awarded to recipients aiming to build specific, unique open-source tags that can be built by other Argos users, Mr. D’Angelo was given: 1 Arribada developer's kit 1 year of free Argos service for the kit 5 Argos chips (for prototype testing, after certification) This specific grant is being used by Grade 11 students Peter Akcan and Nicholas Udwadia. They are working to create a new tagging device that will help whales escape entanglement in fishing nets and other human debris in the ocean. Currently, this work involves using a cumbersome buoy and tag system. Peter and Nicholas are focused on building a new and improved buoy, as well as a [...]

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Cross-Curricular Collaboration Allows Anatomy to Shine Through Art

Because students don’t have access to regular campus facilities and equipment during this period of remote learning, Stevenson’s teachers have had to be extra creative. Two teachers who tried something new—and succeeded—this year were Upper Division biology teacher and dean of students Erik Olson and Upper Division science teacher Ian Haight, who collaborated with Upper Division arts department chair Stephan Pratt to teach human anatomy to biology students. For their anatomy lessons, Mr. Olson and Mr. Haight explained the structures of the human body to students, and Mr. Pratt had students draw those particular structures—art and science, all rolled into one. Mr. Olson explains, “I was trying to think of a way to help students learn the anatomy of the human body without being able to do dissections. Remembering my days of biology in college, I recalled that to study for tests I often copied the diagrams. This tactile [...]

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