2022 Krissoff Award Recipient Selected

Legacy matters. At an upper division assembly on November 4, Stevenson’s legacy of cultivating students of integrity and the legacy of a life well lived intersected. The memorial Nathan Krissoff Award is one of the highest honors bestowed on a Stevenson student. In the words of Nathan’s good friend, Peter Burchett, “Nate had an internal engine that never quit and drove him to get the most out of every day. His passion for life was matched by his passion for people”. While reserved, he still valued inclusivity and modeled it. Nathan’s short life was not defined by time but by quality. To preserve his memory and accomplishments as an athlete, leader, scholar, musician, and friend, his family established an endowed fund to annually recognize a stellar Stevenson student. This year’s recipient, Trent Toole ’23 embodies all that Nathan represents. Over four years at Stevenson, Trent has made an impact [...]

Phillip Koshi Appointed Dean of Students for 2022-23 Academic Year

Dear Stevenson Community, On Tuesday, March 1, it was my pleasure to announce the appointment of Phillip Koshi as the upper division’s next dean of students, effective July 1. Mr. Koshi is currently the head of our world languages department, a Spanish teacher, a resident faculty member, and head coach of our girls’ soccer team. He lives on campus with his wife Sarah, who is our director of community education, and their two children, Collins ’33 and Grayson. He joined us at Stevenson three years ago from Taft School (CT), where he served as a class dean, dorm head, and helped develop and teach their health and wellness curriculum. He is deeply respected by our students and his colleagues. I encourage you to watch this video to observe how the news of his appointment was received by our student body. In his new role, Mr. Koshi will lead a [...]

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A Summer Message from Dr. Dan Griffiths

Dear Stevenson Families, As we step into summer and look forward to the fall, I write to review several high points from the spring semester, provide some updates, and share relevant information. A Year Unlike Any Other Compared to the vast majority of their peers across the nation, our students will be much better prepared for their next academic experience, whether they are beginning college or returning to Stevenson. While the disruptions of the last 18 months necessitated some reductions to our normal coverage of material, our teachers’ keen focus on skill development has provided our students with the tools they need to thrive academically once they resume their studies this fall. Though none of us will miss spending hours on Zoom, we learned a great deal about effective use of Canvas, our learning management system, and the effective use of technology in the classroom. Our extended period of [...]

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A Message from the Head of the Upper Division

On Wednesday, July 15, Dr. Dan Griffiths, head of upper division, shared his summer letter with parents: https://bit.ly/PBSummerLetter20. In the letter, Dan presents  information about newly hired faculty, curriculum, and how you can join us in remaining steadfast to our values during these times. There will be a follow-up communication regarding the Upper Division daily schedule next week. If you are a parent and did not receive the letter, please contact us at helpdesk@stevensonschool.org to ensure future delivery of important School communications.

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Robotics Students Design 3D Printed Desktop Lamps

Students in Mr. D’Angelo’s robotics class were recently challenged to create a desktop multicolored lamp. Students had to grapple with applying algebraic or trigonometric periodic functions to program the color spectrum on an RGB LED. Then, they learned how to 3D model a lampshade, which was then printed and distributed back to each student to complete the project.

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Photo 1 Students Share Inspired Shelter in Place Portraits

In 1942 The New Yorker sponsored artist Saul Steinberg’s entry into the United States from an increasingly anti-Semitic Italy (he was Romanian). This move launched his longtime contributions to the publication as an illustrator. In his time with the New Yorker he created 1200 illustrations and over 90 covers in addition to a successful fine arts career with exhibitions around the world. In 1958 he began a masquerade series of photographs taken with nothing more than a camera, paper bag, marker, and his community. This series of portraits became a book in 2000. Photo 1 students used photographer Saul Steinberg's work as inspiration to collaborate with family members to take family portraits during shelter in place. The class shares a few of these images and deep gratitude to the family members, friends, and pets that helped make the photos possible! "Read More" for additional information on Steinberg. Student portraits can [...]

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English and History Summer Reading Reminder

We ask that all Stevenson students set aside time each summer to spend with books that open their minds to new ideas and communities. We hope that as they read, our students feel connected, stretched, curious, and seen. Our English and history teachers have curated collections of books for each course that introduce the foundational themes that students will explore in their upcoming studies. Students are not tested on their summer reading. Rather, we simply encourage good thinking—what did you think about what you read?—by asking students to complete a Reading Reflection for one of their selected books. The complete 2020 Summer Reading list is now available on Pirate Pages and at www.stevensonschool.org/PBSummer-Reading and students will receive an assigned form for their reflection work on their Pirate Pages once class schedules are announced. 

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A Look Back: 2020 Sophomore Wilderness Expo

The Sophomore Wilderness Expedition, known on campus as EXPO, is an 11-day backpacking trip during spring break that introduces students to an exciting and rugged wilderness environment through outdoor activities while emphasizing the development of a positive attitude toward challenging situations. This year’s students departed campus February 22 for an extended trip to Henry Coe State Park and returned March 3. Congratulations on your completion of this transformative endeavor, Pirates!  Expedition director, Mr. McCormick shared a video recap that captures the spirit of the adventure. Watch the slideshow at https://youtu.be/A5eTEX7j0NA.

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Theater Students Keep Their Skills Sharp with Online Instruction

Despite the inability to perform on stage this spring, Mrs. Schmittgens’ ’81 theater students have been actively working on their techniques—including warm-ups, tongue twisters, games, and scenes from Restoration comedy. In an effort to share a glimpse of how theater classes have been going, and to share a few of their assignments, Mrs. Schmittgens shared a video at https://bit.ly/3e7RoBP.

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Upper Division Assembly: April 21, 2020

This week, Dr. Griffiths and family shared how they are coping with working remotely, Ms. Garner shared congratulations in Latin for 13 students who received awards for their Latin national exam scores, Maya Forgus ’20 shared Student Council updates, and Paul Sternberg ’20 shared the thought of the week. Enjoy the video in full at www.stevensonschool.org/pb-assembly.

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