Eligibility Guidelines

Stevenson School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and is required to follow CIF rules regarding eligibility of student athletes. Please read this page carefully to insure that your student remains eligible to participate on athletic teams during their time at Stevenson.

Any questions about the athletic program should be directed to Justin Clymo, director of athletics, at 831-625-8330 or jclymo@stevensonschool.org.

General Eligibility Guidelines

All ninth grade students (unless repeat or transfer student) are immediately eligible for competitive athletics and do not need to complete any paperwork.

Once a student begins ninth grade, he or she has four consecutive years of eligibility. A student who repeats a grade (including grade 9) will be ineligible for competitive athletics during their Senior year.

Transfer Students

CIF Athletic Eligibility Forms must be completed and approved before a transfer student is considered eligible to compete in interscholastic athletics. These forms must be submitted to the Stevenson School Athletic Department and then approved by the CIF Central Coast Section office before a transfer student may participate in athletic contests.

Continuing Eligibility

To comply with the CIF Scholastic Eligibility Policy (CIF Statute 205), Stevenson School has the following expectations in order to determine academic eligibility for interscholastic sports.

At the conclusion of an academic term (Fall or Spring semester), any student who has completed both that and the previous semester with a GPA below 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in all enrolled courses shall be placed on scholastic probation. This fulfills the provision CIF 205 B(1)(d), which states that student load must comprise at least “20 semester periods” of work, which Stevenson reads as a full academic load of five core classes or four AP/Honors classes for that period.

CIF allows that probationary period to be up to “one semester” in length and students may remain athletically eligible during that time. At Stevenson School, the probationary period will last until the next set of grades (either mid-term indicator grades or end of semester transcript grades). If a student does not meet the eligibility requirement (GPA greater than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale) at the mid-term, they will be declared athletically ineligible for the remainder of that season. If they do not meet the eligibility requirement at the end of that term, they will be declared ineligible for the following athletic season.

If a student’s grades meet the eligibility requirement at the mid-term indicator period, they may continue on probation in that season, but it is only term end “transcript” grades that will determine eligibility or probationary status for the following season. As per CIF regulations [CIF 205 B (3)], summer course work may not be included to calculate GPA in order to determine eligibility.

Athletic Clearance Requirements

Completed Physical Exam

For students transferring to Stevenson with a valid change of address:

  • Transfer Paperwork: This information will enable the athletic department to complete and submit the transfer paperwork for approval to the CIF-CCS office for approval. A student is not eligible to compete in interscholastic contests until the forms are submitted and approved.

It is important that these forms are completed and submitted before the start of school on August 30th. Many of our fall interscholastic sports have contests the first week of school and we want all our athletes to be eligible or have a ruling in place. Delaying this process will also delay the ability for an athlete to compete. Your timeliness in this matter is much appreciated.