This year marks the second annual Stevenson School X-Term, designed to provide students with an immersive, interdisciplinary, and place-based learning experience. Building on the success of last year, this program serves as an exceptional way to culminate our academic year. With twenty-six diverse courses offered, including nine that will take 120 students beyond the Peninsula to explore California and overseas destinations, X-Term promises an array of enriching experiences.

Students will embark on adventures such as climbing Mt. Shasta, hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, exploring the Lost Coast north of Marin County, venturing into the Ventana Wilderness, and visiting Yosemite National Park. Additionally, some will delve into mindfulness and meditation at the Tassajara Buddhist Retreat Center in the Big Sur backcountry. These excursions will immerse students in the natural wonders of these locations and provide opportunities to learn about their history, geology, and scientific significance.

Meanwhile, twenty-seven students will travel to Japan to immerse themselves in its culture, language, and history, broadening their global perspective.

Most of the courses will focus locally, exploring the rich resources of the Monterey Peninsula and Monterey County. For instance, students will learn scuba diving in the Monterey Marine Sanctuary, explore the history of Steinbeck and Cannery Row, and gain insights into agriculture by visiting local farms and markets. Others will use our campus resources to build drones, create canoes, or explore the intersection between racial inclusion and sports. 

Other offerings include courses in mural painting, glassblowing, plein air painting, culinary arts, and entrepreneurship, many of which draw inspiration from the region’s natural beauty or its vibrant startup culture.

What makes this program particularly exciting is its evolution. Starting small and mostly local, we plan to expand our reach in the coming years, offering more trips to other national and international destinations. Our vision is to leverage the incredible resources near campus, throughout California, around our country, and worldwide to foster critical thinking, interdisciplinary connections, and a lifelong passion and joy for learning among our students. Ultimately, we aim to help them align their experiences with future college choices, career paths, and hobbies that lead them to a joyful, rich, and fulfilling life.