Rob and Nicki Klevan with their pups.

Ah, April! As a former longtime faculty member, many of those years spent as a member of the resident faculty community, I remember April on the Stevenson campus as one of my favorite months of the year. In those days, when March finally ended and April rolled around there was a joyful but anxious feeling of anticipation with a great deal of activity taking place both on and off campus, and much to look forward to in the approaching final few weeks of the school year. Coming out of the winter doldrums when springtime finally sprung, our school community came to life again. The extra hours of daylight meant spring sports were upon us and for me that amounted to additional time spent coaching at the swimming pool. For residents, it also meant the happy return of the PPL, the RLS softball Postprandial League. Competitive, but in a very fun way! There certainly was the shadow of term papers coming due for students, and AP exams were just around the corner, but April also meant that graduation and summer vacation were quickly drawing near.

Rob and Nikki with members of the whole Klevan family.

Of course, by the start of the month, the vibrant arts program at Stevenson was busier than any other time of the year. There was the annual art show looming, as well as the dance concert and the musical theater production in full swing, often with those lucky enough to be involved looking ahead to an incredible summer tour to Europe or somewhere else just as exciting. In music, the choirs, bands, heavy metal ensemble (our handbell choir), and orchestras were busy either prepping for competition festivals and/or that mid-May Spring Concert. Often in April, the RLS Chamber Singers would head to San Francisco for an annual appearance at an SF Giants baseball game when we would walk onto that perfectly manicured lawn to sing the National Anthem. Just one of so many great memories that I have of April at Stevenson!

Although I am no longer there to enjoy all that is happening on the RLS campus, I imagine the early April atmosphere is still much the same as it was in my day. There is just something vibrant and uplifting about springtime at Stevenson. I’m sure that there is still that sense of happiness and a festive mood among the school’s students, faculty, and staff. In fact, I know of one celebration taking place on April 19 aptly named “Picnic and Pops” when the school community will gather to celebrate Dr. Willow Manspeaker’s 20th year on the faculty. It seems like just yesterday when I asked Dr. Manspeaker to come to Stevenson and teach music. What a great decision that turned out to be for everyone! Also, on April 20, the school’s wonderful drama director (and my former student) Kim Ataide Schmittgens ’81 will oversee the theater production of “Stevenson Follies.” It’s sure to be a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Rob Klevan (Klev)

[This welcome message has been lightly edited for length and clarity.]