On Friday, March 1, the 2024 Sophomore EXPO will set off for ten days of wilderness exploration. Here is more about their upcoming trip from Director of Sophomore Wilderness Expedition Bob McCormick, as well as a letter from a past EXPO participant about her solo experience.

“At this time, Stevenson students, co-leaders, and faculty are busily gearing up for this year’s Sophomore Wilderness Expedition! With 91 sophomores, 21 co-leaders, and 19 staff members, this year’s trip looks to be among the largest in school history! Pirate alumni Alyssa Linquist (Newman) ’15 and Aidan Franscioni ’15 will also be working on this trip. We are excited to adventure into the mountains of Henry Coe State Park in early March.”

The “solo day” is an important part of the Sophomore Expo experience. Here’s a letter from a past participant that shares more about this Expo component. 

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