“The SFB Morse Fine & Performing Arts are already buzzing with creative energy this fall across the Pebble Beach Campus. Enrollment is at an all-time high in Architecture (35 students!), Making Movies, AP Studio Art & 2D Design, Ceramics, Photography, Digital Art, and our recently added Theater Tech Design: Costumes & Scenes. For the fall dramatic production, “Antigone,” director Kim Schmittgens ‘81 and technical director Kate Cardinalli will feature multiple locations on campus to complement the action on stage in Keck. The Dance Team, led by Jahnna de la Rosa, has already performed at all-school assemblies and home football games, which have been broadcast by KSPB Radio students, guided by Joel Fricker and Jeff Barrett. Robbie Stange’s instrumental music students are planning a Hollywood field trip this fall to participate in a hands-on film-scoring adventure. 

Students in Making Movies class have already written scripts that they are adapting from actors’ read-throughs to the screen. It is an exciting process and students are being encouraged to jump right into the many facets of filmmaking. In AP Studio Art & Design class, students are being challenged mightily by the yearlong requirement that they make images solely from direct life observation, memory, imagination, or formula. Comfort zones are being tested in the name of creative growth, and early returns are most promising!

Here is some recent RLS Alumni Artist news: Natalia Poehner Corazza ‘15 shared, “I am thrilled to announce I was selected as a 2023 Individual Artist Fellow for the Central California Region. Thank you to the Cal Arts Council and SV Creates for $5000 in unrestricted funding to support my artist practice.”

Joanna Lam ‘07 and Erica Loewy ‘11 continue working in their respective careers in architecture, design, and photography. Betty Ng ‘20 dropped by the studios in August and shared with me how the tree house model project at Stevenson prepared her as much as anything did for her rigorous RISD architecture major. As Stevenson’s Arts Department studies the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence, Betty noted how her professors are approaching A.I. with a mix of skepticism, fear, and full embrace. Similarly, Brendan Tsai ‘17, completed his BA at Sci Arc’s architecture (LA) and is now pursuing a master’s in architecture at UMichigan’s Taubman School. Suzanna Yan ‘18 completed her art history degree at Rice and is pursuing an MFA in producing and directing at UCLA. Several Making Movies class alumni have shared filmmaking news, including Sean Chow ‘18, Flora Fei ‘18 and Jimmy Cork ‘18 who have all been in film production since completing college and have seen their work acknowledged at film festivals. Sylvie Maris Pratt ‘19 enters her final semester at NYU’s Tisch School of Acting; her most recent film, “Broken Pieces,” is in post-production. Bob Stephenson ‘83 was spotted with Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Sam Radseresht ‘11’s Glassio Music debuts his new single, “A Friend Like You” on September 20 on Spotify. Finally, Daisy Wang ‘13 has a fashion house, DÀ WÁNG New York, where she collaborates with Abby Li ‘15.”