Pebble Beach Campus Learning Resources

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is located in the heart of campus, in the recently redesigned Learning Commons. Its expert staff provides a range of services to students who need support that transcends the generally content-based help offered by classroom teachers. Students are invited to act as full partners in developing plans to effectively:

  • manage academic stress,
  • learn about their strengths and needs as learners,
  •  communicate with classroom teachers,
  •  allocate time and energy, and
  •  thrive using sustainable and empowering techniques.

The Learning Center provides multiple levels of support. Grade 9 students enroll in a choice of a regularly scheduled collaborative study hall or Skills for Academic Success, a class that offers academic support as well as structure around assignment completion. Students learn skills such as organizing, note-taking, assignment prioritizing, strategic test-taking, and utilizing assistive technology. Students interested in additional academic support may meet with an appropriate team member by appointment or on a drop-in basis. Additionally, the Learning Center offers individual and group sessions, conducts classes in learning skills and strategies, and assists qualified students with the implementation of certain collaborative accommodations based on documented needs.

Students who require more support in managing their transition to the upper division benefit from regularly scheduled one-on-one sessions with one of our learning specialists. Students learn about their strengths and needs as learners, how to communicate with classroom teachers, how to effectively allocate time and energy, and how to thrive using sustainable and empowering techniques. The goal is to build the essential academic skills and establish the resources required to be a successful student at Stevenson and beyond.

We also maintain a list of recommended external tutors and provide space on campus for these tutors to meet with students.

Additionally, our peer tutoring program provides further individualized support and our Writing Center works collaboratively with the history and English departments to support the development of academic writing skills. Students can drop in for help at our Math Table, staffed by a member of the math department.

All services rendered through the Learning Center are confidential in nature and may require the collaboration of residential and academic faculty, learning specialists, counseling staff, and parents or guardians. Successful support includes providing the student with a private environment in which to freely express their thoughts and feelings. Parents/guardians give permission to Stevenson School to use discretion, in accordance with professional ethics and state and federal laws, in deciding what information revealed by the student is shared with all above-mentioned parties. Parents/guardians have the right to information concerning their minor child in counseling, except where otherwise stated by law.

Stevenson requires that all international students be fluent in English as we do not offer an official program in English as a Second Language. However, our teachers and faculty members are willing to meet any student for extra help, typically once a week.

Office Hours:

8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Drop ins are always welcome!


Leti Moses
Academic Enrichment Coordinator

Dionne Dalhamer
Learning Specialist

Shanae Vaifanua-Pace
Assistant Athletic Director, Study Skills