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2024 Sophomore Wilderness Expedition

Read posts from the Sophomore Wilderness Expedition’s Communications Coordinator Liz O’Hara to learn about what is happening with Expo!

Expo 2024 — Meet the Instructors

As the Expedition approaches everyone involved is getting excited, including me! I am Liz O'Hara, aka Mrs. O'Hara, Stevenson's registrar. Click here and I'll introduce you to this year's Expo instructors. 

Expo 2024 — How Sophomores Can Prepare

Yesterday's post highlighted some things the adult instructors and junior and senior coleaders are doing to prepare for Expo. Today's reiterates information that Expo Director Bob McCormick sent to the parents and guardians of sophomore hikers. Click to read more and get back to him before the trip at bmccormick@stevensonschool.org if you have any questions.

Expo 2024 — The Staff Prepare

The Wilderness Expedition (Expo) is approaching fast! The adult instructors and junior and senior coleaders spent this past weekend hiking in the rain and cold as part of their training to lead the sophomores on their ten day hike. Here is a picture of one of their camps, and also pictures of two of the people working hard to make the Expedition happen: Mr. McCormick and Mr. Merigliano. You'll notice thy are dressed for the weather -- it was cold, with several inches of snow at higher elevations in Henry Coe State Park, but the gear on the gear list is sufficient to keep them happy in all sorts of weather! Click to read more.

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